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CUProdigy's innovative, browser-based technology combines the ease and functionality of industry leading software architecture and the sophistication and efficiency required in today’s heavily regulated environment. The unique features of our state-of-the-art system include:

  • Platform Independence – software can be deployed on various platforms and supports all leading browsers in use today.
  •  Scalable and Robust – spanning small to large credit unions
  • Intuitive User Experience – Automated navigation and tasks make you the member service expert
  • Disaster Recovery-real time, multi- location, total system replication built into CUProdigy


CUProdigy Core

CUProdigy Core is the core software platform.  It provides the tools that you would expect from a processing platform that is re-defining the credit union core processing industry.  CUProdigy Core software may be installed on in-house servers or implemented in conjunction with CUProdigy Cloud.

>> Take a look at NACUSO's interview with CUProdigy's CEO Tony Montgomery to learn more about their mission and vision.


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