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CU Service Network, LLC (CUSN) was established in 1992 as a credit union service organization to provide shared branching to credit unions in Colorado and Wyoming. Doug Burke, President/CEO of CU Service Network, was our founder (pictured left.)

Doug Burke and CUSN







From the beginning, we recognized other opportunities to help credit unions, beginning with the CU Link ATM network, which became an essential component for CUs. By December 1992 the first ATM was deployed. CU Link was merged into the CO-OP Network in 1999.

Arvada service centerIn 1993 CU Service Network established the first stand-alone service center (Arvada) for the network. Eventually, we would have seven stand-alone centers.  As the network grew, stand-alone service centers were no longer needed. In 2007, we sold the last of its stand-alone service centers; all were purchased by participating CUs and continued to operate for the benefit of the membership.

CUSN’s territory expanded in 2002 by entering into relationships with New Mexico credit unions. Expansion continued in 2004 to include relationships with the Idaho CU League and the Nebraska CU League. The Iowa League was added in 2007. Today CUSN has a shared branching presence in 9 states, with shared branch locations in 24 states.

CU Service Network grew the product line offered to credit unions, establishing relationships that optimized “group buying power” for our CUs. These include Meridian Link for on-line account opening and lending (2009), CUNA Mutual for call center services - now CO-OP Member Center (2009), CO-OP Mobile (2009), CO-OP My Deposit (2010), Mobile My Deposit (2011) and CO-OP Bill Pay and EFT products (2012).

About ten years ago, CU Service Network began offering its expertise to organizations that support shared branching in other states. Services include assistance in business development, marketing, and computer based training modules. Individual projects, such as marketing support and demographic mapping have also been conducted for other organizations.

Over the past few years we have changed tremendously as an organization. Our company shifted from a product-oriented to service-oriented. With both a new mission statement and vision statement, our focus lies in Research & Development, collaboration in the CU community, and innovative ideas to benefit our credit uinions.

We identify trends, products and/or services that: increase credit union revenue, reduce credit union operating expenses, and offer new or enhanced services to members. We look forward to growing the network to meet the ever changing needs of our credit union partners.


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