Upcoming Event! CUSN Connection Series: John MacAllister on Payments

Posted On: September 12, 2012
August 2012

We are excited to announce our upcoming CUSN Connection Series, starring John MacAllister of Dorado Industries. Mr. MacAllister will be discussing the critical topic, Pending Changes to the Payments Landscape. Below are just a few focal points: • Mobile Banking vs. Mobile Payments • GPR Cards and their place in the mix • Changes in legislation (Durbin Amendment) • ACH shift in aggression We here are proud of our successes since we began hosting Connection Series, delivering timely and relevant content across major credit union issues. We feel that NOW is a crucial time to have a conversation about what is happening to the payments world. A bit about John MacAllister and Dorado Industries: John MacAllister is the former President of Benton International, Inc., and managing partner for Benton Consulting Partners. He is praised for his no nonsense approach to cost-effective consulting and the global payments system. Dorado Industries' focus is on consulting and solutions services. They deliver the combined skills of consultants with experience in payments systems and banking to bring hands-on experience, advisory services, and practical know-how to their clients. For more info on Mr. MacAllister, please visit www.doradoindustries.com

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