What's New with Our CUs

Posted On: January 02, 2015
January 2015
What's New with our CUs We've had FOUR new credit unions come on board for shared branching this autumn! Our business services rep Trisha Wiggin-Fausnaugh has literally spent more time in Iowa and Nebraska than in the office - and we couldn't be more excited. These four credit unions brought 15 new locations to the network, many in areas brand new to shared branching. These branches, along with new opens from our existing credit unions, are part of 491 new shared branch locations in 2014! Amazing! Who says "the branch is dead"?   New Shared Branching Credit Unions: Western heritage Logo Western Heritage CU: Alliance, NE – 2 branches index Collins Community CU: Cedar Rapids, IA – 6 branches logok Kearney FCU: Kearney, NE– 1 branch   Ascentra_Credit_Union_A7DEC272902A2 Ascentra Community CU: Quad Cities, IA/IL– 6 branches   New Shared Branch Locations: USNMFCU_Logo(2) US New Mexico FCU: Albuquerque, NM– 1 branch DUP_3DlogoCorpGOLD_CMYK Dupaco Community CU: Dubuque, IA– 4 branches ISUCUlogo_rgb_Horz ISU CU: Chubbuck, ID – 1 branch   Closed Branches Boulder Valley CU Boulder Valley CU: Boulder, CO – closed Riverbend branch logo Roswell Community FCU: Roswell, NM – closed Ruidoso branch]]>
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Happy New Year and Thanks for the Support!

Posted On: January 02, 2015
January 2015
holidays By Debbie Cook, Business Development Account Manager As we begin 2015, I would like to thank all of the credit unions that were so gracious to me by giving CUSN some of your time in 2014. I understand how precious time can be, and I appreciate you letting me come into your office to learn more about your credit union so that I can help to support your priorities and goals. 20141219_100109 Shared branching had significant growth this past year. Our new clients include: And coming soon, with signed contracts are Clarity Credit Union in Nampa, ID and The Florist Credit Union in Roswell, NM A total of 47 new branches were added in 2014: 24 in Iowa, 13 on Colorado (of which 11 were NextGen ATM branches), 5 in Idaho, 3 in Nebraska and one each in New Mexico and Wyoming. CUSN truly enjoys great long-standing partnerships with our credit unions and the State Associations. If it because of all of you that our growth has continued to flourish. As we continue to evolve our organization, we look forward to working with you on exciting new products and services this year. Thank you for all of your support. We wish you the happiest New Year!!   Debbie Cook Business Development Account Manager]]>
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Are your members confused about NextGen ATMS?

Posted On: January 02, 2015
January 2015
NEXT GEN NextGen ATMs - the "shared branching" ATM. They are popping up everywhere. 46 NextGen ATMs have been installed in the CUSN network, and more are coming soon. As more and more members encounter these machines, there is often confusion, and unfortunately frustration. They misunderstand what the machine does. Members think it is simply an ATM, and that's not what they need. You can imagine the frustration they feel. We've received many calls from members that think credit unions with NextGen ATMs no longer offer shared branching. Now is the time to educate members about the benefits of NextGen ATMs, before there are too many negative experiences. We've created a handy NextGen ATM guide to give out to members. Click here to download the PDF. We think this guide will help members understand the switch, and know what to look for. Members stay happy. Credit Unions stay happy. Everybody wins. atmflyer]]>
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Our 500th Shared Branch. Hooray!

Posted On: January 02, 2015
January 2015
500TH December was a monumental month for us here at CUSN. We celebrated our 500th shared branch, one of Ascentra Credit Union's branches in the Quad Cities, IA/IL area. *Rubbing our eyes* It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating 100 branches. As shared branching accelerated over the past few years, and many credit unions in Iowa and Nebraska jumped on board, our branches grew exponentially right before our eyes. We are honored and delighted to enjoy such a milestone, and wanted to share the celebration with the special credit union branch which was number 500. Hence, our hardy business services rep Trisha Wiggin-Fausnaugh traversed 850 miles to Ascentra Credit Union on December 11th, 2014 to throw a "500th Shared Branch" celebration for them. Below is her personal diary from the journey. "We Celebrate 500 Branches! On December 11, 2014, I had the honor of presenting Dale Owen, CEO of Ascentra Credit Union with a plaque commemorating CU Service Network’s 500th branch. We met at the actual 500th branch, a beautiful new building at 2339 53rd Avenue in Bettendorf, Iowa, about 10 minutes from the credit union’s main branch. Jim Niederhauser, VP of Member Services of the Iowa Credit Union League, and Jaimie Miller, Executive Director of the Iowa Credit Union Foundation, drove in from Des Moines to attend the event. Ascentra’s management team and key staff were also there to help celebrate this achievement. Ascentra 2 This was my fourth visit of 2014 to Iowa to welcome a new credit union to Shared Branching and the CUSN family. Before this year, I had never been to Iowa. Now I’ve gotten to know many wonderful people there and see firsthand how active and vibrant the credit union movement is in Iowa. There has been a significant increase in shared branches available throughout Iowa; from 27 at the end of 2013 to 47 at the end of this year. More significantly, three of the credit unions are providing service in areas that were 75 miles or further from the nearest existing branch: Sioux Valley Community Credit Union in Sioux City, North Iowa Community Credit Union in Mason City, and now Ascentra Credit Union in the Quad Cities. Ascentra 1 Ascentra’s new acquiring branches in Bettendorf (2), Clinton, Muscatine and LeClaire, Iowa and Moline, Illinois, were six of the 35 new locations CUSN added in 2014. That brings our total to 506, which is over 9% of CO-OP Shared Branching Networks 5,270 branches. We are grateful to all of our credit unions for their continued support of shared branching."  ]]>
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This Credit Union is Dominating Mystery Shops!

Posted On: January 02, 2015
January 2015
Mystery-shop By Trisha Wiggin-Fausnaugh, Business Services Rep Who received seven PERFECT Shops out of eight? Pioneer FCU had 7 perfect shops in 2014! Pioneer FCU Pioneer FCU in Idaho provides excellent service to members and guest members alike. During 2014, eight of their branches were shopped and seven of those were give perfect scores. All of the shoppers were pleased with the service they received. Here are some of their comments: "The teller just did a very effective job and listened carefully to my needs. She was pleasant and knew what she was doing." "The MSR was accurate and effective at handling the shared branch transaction and did it while making 'small' talk that made the visit more enjoyable. She was not just about business, but knew how to integrate good conversation into the visit. I liked that style." "The credit union was new and the personnel was friendly and knowledgeable. I would bank there if I did not have another credit union. Parking is ample, the signage is clear from the road and access is easy to get to, I liked the free coffee and the art work. It is a very nice credit union with great location." "The teller made me feel very comfortable and I enjoyed the transaction experience, she has a very nice smile and maintains direct eye contact. She holds your attention and is just what the branch needs for a teller position. She does an outstanding job providing service to her customers." "The teller was excellent, friendly, gave great eye contact, she was interested in my needs and was effective at her job. She is an asset to her company." Tracy Newbery, VP of Branch Operations at Pioneer FCU, attributes the credit union’s consistent high scores to the Pioneer’s emphasis on member service. “Customer service is our highest priority for all of our members, including our shared branching members,� she told me. In total, there were 83 mystery shops since our last report, and most of the scores were very good. The following twenty-three branches had perfect scores.
American Airlines FCU Terminal 3 Baggage Claim Level San Francisco CA
Community Choice CU 818 8th St SW Altoona IA
Cornerstone CU 404 Holly St Nampa ID
Cornerstone CU 416 S Kimball Caldwell ID
Del Norte CU 3286 Cerillos Rd Santa Fe NM
Dupaco Community CU 11378 Oldenburg Ln Galena IL
Fitzsimons CU 6359 S Southlands Pkwy Aurora CO
Latah FCU 602 Main St Kendrick ID
Latah FCU 396062 Hwy 95 Plummer ID
Les Bois CU 393 S 3rd St Boise ID
Les Bois CU 123 McClure Nampa ID
Northwest Christian CU 6115 W Overland Rd Boise ID
Northwest Christian CU 716 E Colorado Ave Nampa ID
Pioneer FCU 1865 S Lincoln Ave Jerome ID
Pioneer FCU 850 E Fairview Ave Meridian ID
Pioneer FCU 551 S Middleton Rd Middleton ID
Pioneer FCU 3197 E 8th N St Mountain Home ID
Pioneer FCU 250 W 3rd S St Mountain Home ID
Pioneer FCU 3000 12th Ave Rd Nampa ID
Premier Members FCU 8080 Colorado Blvd Firestone CO
Premier Members FCU 12379 W 64th Ave Arvada CO
Public Service CU 2027 S University Blvd Denver CO
Public Service CU 7502 W 80th Ave Arvada CO
Public Service CU 12501 E 17th Ave Unit A Aurora CO
Rio Grande CU 10001 Lomas Blvd NE Albuquerque NM
Rio Grande CU 1401 San Pedro NE Albuquerque NM
Security Service FCU 1902 Vinewood Ln Pueblo CO
Security Service FCU 10404 S Redwood Dr South Jordon UT
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IT Support for 2015 – Consider the Choices

Posted On: January 05, 2015
January 2015
IT By Daniel Burk, Senior VP of Business Development As credit unions begin their 2015 projects, one concern usually makes the top of the list. “How can we best use our limited resources?� To address this concern, CUSN continues to focus on Back Office Services. Our objective has been to provide credit unions with solutions so they can better prioritize and utilize their resources. Soon to be launched are CUSN’s Information Technology (IT) services. They will range from complete outsourced services, to projects that require specific technical support. The benefit to you:
  • 24 x 7 monitoring to manage the health of your IT infrastructure
  • Executive level IT consulting to help you plan your credit union’s future
  • Assistance with IT regulatory issues and Board level discussions
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning
  • Solutions that include – networking, cloud computing, telephony, desktop support and more
  • Technical depth and breadth to ensure a top level of IT service
Why CUSN? Upon the request of our credit union participants, CUSN has been searching for an effective IT solution that can be utilized across our territory. By aggregating volume among several credit unions, we will be able to offer top level IT services through a reputable partner – at a significantly reduced cost. Whether you choose to outsource your IT requirements or just desire to supplement your current solution, it would be worth the time to take a look at CUSN’s IT services. Stay tuned for information in the coming weeks. Or feel free to contact Daniel Burk at 720.945.7235 or djburk@cusn.com  ]]>
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Accounting Back Office Update

Posted On: January 05, 2015
January 2015
accounting By Doug Burke, President/CEO of CUSN CUSN launched our new accounting services in March of last year with a Value Proposition of:
  • Access to better services for the same price
  • Access to qualified employees
  • Access to more sophisticated technologies or systems
  • Back up or more depth
  • Improved internal controls and separation of duties
To date we have contracted with 4 credit unions ranging in size from $90 million to $270 million providing the following types of services: Daily/Weekly
  • Settlement Services – ACH, Drafts, card services, shared branching
  • Daily entries
  • Accounts Payable
  • Fixed Assets – Booking assets, depreciation schedules
  • Investment Accounting
  • Sub-ledger to G/L Reconciliations
Our goal is to offer expanded services later this year that includes: Month End
  • Sub-ledger to G/L Reconciliations
  • Monthly Financial Close
  • Financial Reporting
  • Call Report
Special Services
  • Cash Management
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Asset/Liability Management
  • Management Reporting and Analysis
If your credit union is interested in learning more about the CUSN accounting services, contact Doug Burke at dburke@cusn.com or (720) 945-7232.]]>
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Message from the President

Posted On: January 05, 2015
January 2015
Message from the President/CEO, Doug Burke By Doug Burke, President/CEO of CUSN If I were to pick one word that best describes 2014 for CUSN that word would be Transforming. Yes, CUSN continues to grow and support our tried and true products, but this last year was a breakout year for our research and development efforts. Over the course of 2014, CUSN introduced or is in the process of introducing 6 new products and services! These services include: bos Accounting – Launched in March last year providing accounting services to credit unions. CUProdigy – The marketing partnership was introduced to credit unions last April. CUSN was looking for a progressive credit union DP core provider that shares similar philosophies in order to create an environment that promotes CUProdigy and the new CUSN Back Office solutions. IT Support – Coming soon! mfs Insuritas – Introduced to credit unions in the 3rd quarter 2014, but you will be hearing much more about this product in the coming months. The product offers the ability for credit unions to offer property and casualty services to their members. SaveDaily - Introduced to credit unions in the 3rd quarter 2014, but you will be hearing much more about this product as well in the coming months. The product offers the ability for credit unions to offer mutual fund investment services, geared toward the small investor, to their members. emagineIF – A pilot program is underway with one credit union and soon to be two. The program is an extremely innovative web based social media service targeted to young members to assist them with financial literacy and help develop their passions. We plan to continue our aggressive research and development efforts in 2015, so be on the lookout for ways to voice your opinions and get involved. [polldaddy poll=8552091]   dc In the Deliver Channel Solutions segment, we continue to see growth in shared branching with last year’s growth resulting in a total of 127 credit unions and 505 shared branches. We celebrated our 500th new branch with Ascentra CU in Bettendorf, Iowa. Additionally, with credit unions focus on branch transformation, CUSN added 25 CO-OP Next Gen ATMs and 2 NCR video teller units at credit union locations. All of these results occurred while CUSN maintained a strong financial position. We were very pleased with the 2014 results of growth and development and look forward to working with our credit unions in 2015 to continue our pursuit of product and business development for the benefit of our partner credit unions.]]>
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