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Happy CU Clients: CUProdigy Story

June 24, 2016

CUPRODIGY2 As you may have heard, we expanded our partnership with CUProdigy in the spring of 2016, to include IT and Disaster Recovery Managed Solutions. CUProdigy pride themselves on serving credit unions and credit unions only. They are owned by credit unions. They are constantly looking for ways to help credit unions' specific needs, like regulations and disaster recovery. But, we wanted to know what the credit unions themselves thought of CUProdigy's services, so CUProdigy sent us a testimonial from one of their recent clients, American United FCU in West Jordan, UT. american united fcu Ryan Orcutt, CIO of American United, wrote, "I would like to send out a big ‘Thank You’ do our IT staff for working with Prodigy Cloud this month. Last night we moved our Prodigy environment from our onsite server (at West Jordan) to Prodigy Cloud servers (at C7 data center). They spend many hours working and troubleshooting issues with Prodigy, Prodigy Cloud and Q2 to get all of the parts to work correctly.  I would also like to let you know that the Prodigy Cloud staff worked very hard on having us on Prodigy Cloud servers. We gave them a deadline of June 30, and they did an outstanding job to meet this. Thanks again to everyone." CUProdigy also announced in a press release that their credit union clients are close to being 100% in their [private] cloud. What does private mean? Because CUProdigy only serves credit unions and CUSOs, their cloud is specifically dedicated to them. No random fly-by-night shops, seedy business, risky corporations. Stay tuned for more on CUProdigy IT Managed Services in future issues.]]>
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