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Improved Statistical Reports Now Available

May 08, 2013

Statistics By Trisha Wiggin-Fausnaugh, Client Relations Member use of shared branching is still increasing for most of our credit unions, but not as quickly as mobile transactions. And remote deposits are growing by leaps and bounds. How do I know this? I just spent some time looking at the CUSN statistics on The new reports break transactions out by product, so you can easily see the usage for shared branching, mobile, remote deposit capture, member center and kiosks. Log in to, click CU Network Resources and then CUSN Statistics. There are four different reports.
  • The YTD report shows the number of monthly transactions by product and credit union. There’s a tab for issuing transactions and a tab for acquiring transactions
  • Network Dollar Stats is a quick way to see how much your credit union processed in deposits, withdrawals, and transfers.
  • The reports, Transactions by Type, show you the number of transactions broken down by type of transaction. There’s an acquirer version and an issuer version.
Want to look at statistics at a National level? Look under CO-OP Shared Branching Reports at the CUSC Ranking Report. You’ll be able to compare your credit union to credit unions across the country. Our website is for our credit unions only and is password protected. If you need a password, contact Diana at or Trisha at]]>
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