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Should Your Credit Union Use Instagram?

October 21, 2016

instagram Did you know there are currently over 8,000 Instagram posts with the hashtag "Credit Unions?" Experts used to argue that financial institutions had no business on Instagram, because...what photos could there possibly be to share from an FI? This point is not so valid anymore, as Instagram's popularity continues to outshine Twitter and Facebook, and many credit unions are turning to Instagram with great success to promote themselves. I think the key is that credit unions aren't just posting photos for the day-to-day happenings at a CU (because really, how interesting is a teller line or lobby?), they are posting images of tips, advice, quotes, community events, etc. This is where you can reach the key audience that Instagram represents - the younger end of Millennials and Gen Z. 2015-08-19_social-media-update_09 These are the ones that are entering college, looking for their first car loan, credit card. The pivotal ones you want to draw to your CU before they get snatched up by another FI. What's more, you can utilize Instagram in a way that reflects the local, community-oriented nature that is so intrinsic to credit unions. It's almost like the platform was built for credit unions! Post images of your members, events, local happenings, regional pride, local school and college news, fundraising efforts. Use the platform to show how you are different from banks. Let's take a look at a few credit unions that are excelling in their Instagram presence. Numerica CU, Spokane Valley, Washington numerica numerica-2   Florida Central CU, Tampa, Florida florida   STCU, Washington/Idaho border stcu   UFCU, Austin, TX ufcu   CU Insight (Not a credit union, but has an awesome Instagram presence) cuinsight Pretty cool, huh? Below are some articles about getting started and tips for success. Let us know if you currently use Instagram, and if so, how it is working out for you.    ]]>
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