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A New Product?? I'm Stunned.

October 25, 2017

hawkCan you believe its been a whole 175 days since we have launched a product? Here at the Marketing Dept, I know I can't! I mean, I practically live my life around all the new CU Works Product launches. Marriage, birth of children? Rather...I count my milestones with back office products.

Anyway, enough about me... we are thrilled to launch our newest back office product - CU Works Technology.

Our latest product in the CU Works Suite of Back Office Services is unlike any other IT offering for credit unions. It was created as a direct response to what our credit unions told us burdened them - cyber security, IT, and finding a solutions to these that fit their needs (and budget.)

CU Works Technology

We've expanded our long-time partnership with Platte River Networks to bundle their newest offerings, like CIO services and a massive Cyber Security Platform, and package them in a way that made sense to our credit unions. Transparent, cost-effective, and flexible. Some credit unions are looking for full outsourcing of their IT department. Some want IT consulting for credit union-specific projects (core conversions, etc.) Some want a more robust cyber security offering that helps take the burden off their alreadu-strapped IT team. Click here to visit our site and learn more about the service offerings.

In the future months, look for additional partnerships and service offerings under our CU Works Technology service. In the meantime, I'll be sitting here patiently waiting.




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