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2018 Symposium and Annual Meeting Photo Gallery & Recap

May 25, 2018

On Wednesday, May 16th, we hosted our Back to School Symposium and 2018 Annual Meeting and University of Denver. This was our second year of hosting a symposium along with our annual meeting, and it was a great success! Over 30 credit unions attended, and some credit unions who have never been to one of our events before. We hope all who attended enjoyed the six breakout sessions on various credit union topics, as well as our annual meeting.

A very special congratulations to Sooper Credit Union CFO Carrie Langgard, who was elected to our Board (read more about her here). We are beyond excited to have her join our team.

Also, a very heartfelt “Thank You” to Mutual 1st FCU CEO Mark Uden and FoothIlls CU CEO Scott McNeil for their service to our organization, as they retired from our Board of Managers this spring.

I’ve selected some of my favorite photos of nearly 150 that our photographer Kadri at Lifted Film & Entertainment took for us. Take a peek at some below, and click here to browse the full 150 photo catalog!
Annual Meeting 2
CU Service Network President/CEO Doug Burke kicks off the lunch session of our event, discussing R&D Survey results, future endeavors, and updates with CO-OP.

Annual Meeting 3
Lisa Simpson, Butch Hill and Richard Vaughn of Air Academy FCU discuss after the breakout sessions.

annual meeting 5
Red Rocks CU CEO Pat Ahern sits with Keith Cowling, CEO of Credit Union of Denver and Mike Williams, CEO of Colorado CU & CU Service Network Chairman.

annual meeting 6
CU Service Network's VP of Operations Rosemary Paddock laughs with Westminster FCU CEO John Burk.

annual meeting 7
New CU Service Network Board Member Carrie Langgard, CFO of Sooper CU, talks with fellow coworker Darrell Mann, EVP of Sooper CU and Dan Santangelo of MWCUA.

annual meeting 8
Mike Williams, Attorney Bob Wilson, Pat Ahern, Scott Earl and Dan Santango of MWCUA chat in between breakout sessions.

annual meeting 9
Mallory Fischbach of Foothills CU, Spencer Guilford of Partner CU, Doug Burke of CU Service Network, Charlie Watts of Colorado CU, Dave Kraus of UniWyo FCU and Amanda Shafton of Elevations laugh at a breakout session.

annual meeting 4
Nina Myers, VP of Operations at Fitzsimons CU talks with Helen Gibson, VP of Strategic Outreach and Tessa Bonfante, CEO of Denver Community CU and CU Service Network Board Member.




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