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Have You Seen All The Educational E-Series We Offer?

January 22, 2018

Last year, the marketing team at CU Service Network (AKA Alicia) has developed a variety of educational articles for credit unions, from Compliance to Cybersecurity. We currently have five e-series available for you to utilize; each week you'll get a short article sent to your inbox about the topic. What are the topics?

Top 5 Signs Your Accounting Department is Not Efficient
What it's about: From errors to theft, read about common red flags in your credit union’s accounting department
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Marketing Compliance is Not an Oxymoron: Stick to the rules without ruining the message
What it's about: A quick and dirty overview of how to keep your credit union’s marketing compliant, from UDAAP to Reg Z
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Your Magic HR 8 Ball: 8 articles to bring clarity to your HR questions
What it's about: A variety of easy-read articles on hiring, firing, payroll, discrimination and more
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Why Centralize Your Cybersecurity: How UTM can make your credit union safer

What it's about: An overview of Unified Threat Management, which includes why it is particularly compelling for credit unions
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Shared Branching
Shared Branching Realities Revealed: 7 facts every credit union executive should consider
What it's about: The ins and outs of how shared branching works, including member experience, fees and cost
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