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How You Felt About Us in 2017

January 22, 2018

We'd like to share with you the results of our 2017 Client Satisfaction Survey, our biggest one yet. A big thank you to those who participated - 109 participants in total!

We were looking for input from the different departments of our credit unions clients this year. Therefore, we asked for feedback from our outsourced accounting services, Shared Branching, outsourced compliance services, and CEOs and Executives. We also asked our State League contacts to participate.

The survey was organized into a few different areas: (1) Our overall satisfaction score based out of 100 (2) our Net Promoter Score, which provides a formula on how likely our clients are to recommend us to others and (3) a variety of product-based questions to make sure we are on track and doing what's best for our CUs.

Overall Satisfaction (out of 100).
We are glad to announce that our clients were satisfied with us across the board. In every field, our clients gave us over an 85% satisfaction rating!

Quality and Responsiveness (out of 5):
We would also like to show you how we fared in the responsiveness and value categories. Again, looks like our clients are happy with our service and products!


We would be glad to share the full results with you. For more info, just contact Alicia at And thanks again for your participation! 

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