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Learn About Self-Sovereign Identity At Our CU Symposium

February 22, 2019

CU Ledger

We are less than 90 days out from our 2019 THE FUTURE OF CREDIT UNIONS Symposium and Annual Meeting, and we are excited to announce that John Ainsworth, President/CEO of CULedger, will be a guest speaker The event will be held on May 15th, 2019 in the Berkeley area of Denver. See the full details and RSVP here.

His presentation on Self Sovereign Identity, the Digital Exchange Network and the future of cybersecurity ties into this year's theme perfectly.

Get Familar with CULedger

CULedger is having a big year: They just surpassed their $10 million funding goal. CUNA's recent announcement on the achievement states, "CULedger is working to use distributed ledger technology to develop a platform that enables credit unions to enable self-sovereign identity for members through its flagship product, MyCUID. The goal for Series A funding was set in October 2017 and has been well received in the credit union, financial and blockchain communities."

CULedger will be livestreaming a demo of MyCUID at CUNA GAC on March 10-14, so if you are planning to attend the event and learn more about CULedger technologies, be sure to seek the demo out.

What is MyCUID?

MyCUID is new consumer-focused global digital identity solution. With MyCUID, credit union members can confidently protect themselves from financial fraud and identity theft, while enriching the trusted relationships members have with their credit unions. With the help of Evernym's Sovrin Identity Network, MyCUID uses a person-to-person network of distributed, private agents working in parallel with the distributed ledger to give credit union members a lifetime portable digital identity that does not depend on any central authority and can never be taken away. By enabling selective disclosure, identity owners can control how much data is shared in a particular context. See the orignal article here

John Ainsworth will join Keynote Speaker Frank Diekmann of CUToday for our speaker lineup. We have one final speaker to announce, so stay tuned for more details!


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