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Let's Meet Our Board of Managers

July 25, 2016

board We wanted to share with you the election results for our Board of Managers vote taken at our Annual Meeting...but then we realized that we should go ahead and introduce you to our whole Board of Managers, because we haven't done it in a long time. We talk a lot about our staff here at CU Service Network, but we rarely mention the wonderful board we have behind us. Let's take a look at who comprises our diverse Board: CARLA W LOGO Chairman: Carla Hedrick President/CEO of Denver Community CU in Denver, CO (Reelected at our 2016 Annual Meeting) Carla has been serving on our Board for over a decade. She has been with us through many changes and continues to support our progressive vision.   MIKE_LOGO Vice Chair: Mike Williams President/CEO of Colorado CU in Denver, CO Mike has been on our Board since 2013, and was elected to Vice Chair last year.   MARK_LOGO Secretary/Treasurer: Mark Uden President/CEO of Mutual 1st CU in Omaha, NE Mark has been on our Board since 2008. We are proud to have him represent Nebraska.   KEITH_LOGO Keith Cowling President/CEO of CU of Denver in Denver, CO Keith has been serving our Board for the second-longest period of time, since 2005.   TERRY_LOGO Terry Laudick President/CEO of Nusenda FCU in Albuquerque, NM Terry joined our Board in 2015. We are excited about the New Mexico representation Terry brings to the table.     SCOTT_LOGO Scott McNeil President/CEO of Foothills CU in Lakewood, CO Scott joined our board in 2014. He was reelected at our 2016 Annual Meeting.   STEPHANIE+LOGO Stephanie Teubner President/CEO of Blue FCU in Cheyenne, WY Stephanie has been with us since 2008. She represents our northern neighbor, Wyoming.   TODD_LOGO Todd Marksberry President/CEO of Public Service CU in Denver, CO Todd is the newest member of our Board. He joined us in December 2015 when former Board Member Dave Maus retired from Public Service CU. 

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