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Message From the President

February 23, 2018

By Doug Burke, President/CEO of CU Service Network

The best way to summarize how I feel about the coming year is Excited. How can I not feel excited about the year? First, we have an awesome staff and have added to the strength of the team by adding:

It’s like the baseball team stocking up on talent to make a run at World Series.

And what’s not to be excited about watching the compliance team and product grow? The COMPASS 4 CUs acquisition was completed last year and they are off and running. They have had great success in introducing the product outside of their core area in the East Coast to the Rocky Mountains and Plains. Now we will also introduce the other back office products back east when we attend the GAC as well as the VA and MD-DC Association's Annual Meetings.

We will also be introducing a new dashboard system for the compliance and accounting products in Q2, providing increased workflow efficiencies and communications. The system will feature:

  • Calendar
  • Ticketing & Communications
  • Document Management
  • Product Work Flow Management

We can’t wait to get started and neither will you.

Not only am I excited about 2018, but also our future. That’s why we are continuing down the road with our R&D effort. By now, many of you have received a survey from us asking your opinion on a variety of topics and possible pain points. We want to know what some of your biggest upcoming challenges are and how those challenges could be better tackled collaboratively. So, please make sure you submit the survey if you haven’t already.  

To help us with these lofty goals, the board was expanded at the end of last year and we have added three dedicated individuals:

  • Randy Mims, Credit Union of the Rockies, Golden, CO
  • Scott Ferndelli, Arapahoe CU, Centennial, CO
  • Mike Merryman, Dept. of Interior FCU, Washington DC

With a staff like we have, the leadership of the board and a strong product lineup, I’m excited for 2018!

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