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What Mystery Shoppers Are Saying About Shared Branches

May 25, 2018

Mystery shop 2018

Trisha Wiggin-FausnaughBy Trisha Wiggin-Fausnaugh, Operations Manager
From March 19th through May 3rd, DSG Mystery Shoppers visited 61 of our credit unions’ branches, and what they found there was friendly, efficient and professional service. Fifty-one branches earned a perfect 100% (the average score was 96.79%). Even more impressive were the Experience scores. 90% said they felt very welcome. 84% said they would very likely recommend the branch to family and friends – the other 16% said they probably would recommend the branch.

Many of the comments from the shoppers in this round were delightful. Here is just a sample:

The teller…was very efficient at completing the transaction. I got my money, and thanked the teller for a job well done. We smiled and I left knowing that I was appreciated and my business was important.

The overall experience at this Credit Union was excellent. The staff was very professional and expedient. Everyone that I witnessed was very friendly and enthusiastic. The atmosphere was very welcoming.

As I entered this branch, I was greeted with a friendly and professional teller. The teller handled my transaction with ease, as well as related to me with respect. I felt very comfortable with dealing with another credit union, and able to get money from my own credit union. All of the action of this transaction was handled with good friendly personnel, and done correctly. Thanks very much.

My interactions with the associate were both professional and friendly. I enjoyed the opportunity to do business eye to eye at the associate's desk. I liked the security of the transaction, and the documents I received as proof of deposit. It was all done with a friendly smile. I liked working with a professional, and got a great feeling of success when this transaction was completed successfully. Thanks.

This interaction was both friendly and professional. All the actions of the teller were done with respect to the customer, and handled correctly. The process was quick and effective...I felt comfortable and respected.

This is a very good branch. It was convenient and well-managed. I liked the ease of entry, and excellent parking. The transaction by the teller made me feel comfortable and respected.

The whole shared branch transaction and interaction with the teller was outstanding. I felt my business was wanted. I was treated with respect and felt comfortable with all questions, and requests for information by the teller. It was easy to relate to the teller.

My interaction with the teller was all very positive. The teller was professional and knowledgeable and completed the shared branch transaction completely and accurately. I was pleased with my interactions with the teller… I left the location pleased knowing my money was safely and correctly deposited into my home branch credit union.

The overall visit was great. The teller was friendly and informative.

The overall experience was very efficient and smooth. It was not time consuming and I was taken care of right away. The associate who assisted me was very professional and helpful. The Credit Union was very clean and welcoming. This is a well maintained branch. It is located in a very favorable place along the business highway. The entrance and exit to the parking lot is safe. The signage is large and helpful to see the branch from a distance. I found excellent parking spaces very near to the main entrance. I liked the business like interactions with the teller. The branch is clean and well maintained. I would highly recommend it to family and friends.

I saw a branch that serves its local community in a very friendly and professional manner… I would definitely recommend this branch to family and friends.

The transaction was very smooth and expedient. Once I gave the teller my information, the transaction was complete in under 3 minutes. The teller asked if I had used a shared branch transaction before. I commented that I had not. She then explained that I could come into this branch anytime to take care of financial transactions from my credit union.

This place is amazing. It’s so comfortable and inviting. The teller was friendly and helpful.

I entered the branch and I was greeted immediately. There were no other customers in the branch. I was called forward immediately. She asked how she could help me. I said I needed to make a deposit. She asked for my member number, then my driver's license. She took the information off my driver's license and put the information on a form… She finished the transaction and offered me the receipt. She then asked me to have a nice day and offered me some popcorn.

Congratulations to all of the branches and especially to the wonderful tellers who inspired these comments. You are what makes shared branching such a positive experience for guest members each and every day.




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