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No Way! We've Launched Another Product?

May 26, 2017

We are so excited to finally announce our new credit union compliance service.

This unique service focuses on customization and flexibility to meet individual credit unions' specific needs - something that no one else is offering! Our Compliance Service is the third product to be introduced in our Back Office Suite, which you might remember includes HR and Accounting services for CUs.

Throughout 2016, we conducted sweeping credit union research on pain points and shared services. The findings were crystal-clear: compliance was the top ranking area that credit unions needed assistance with. In fact, 99% of credit union CEOs surveyed said that compliance was a top critical issue for the next 3 to 5 years.

In early Q2 2017, COMPASS 4 CUs, based out of Virginia, joined our team. Our Compliance Services were thus formed, designed as an answer to what credit unions specifically asked for. We found that COMPASS's client-centric culture and flexible services aligned strongly with our own vision of delivering a customizable and on-call style compliance solution and components that credit unions have been wanting for years.

Doug Burke, President/CEO of CU Service Network, commented "We all hope the regulatory compliance burdens will lessen on our credit unions, but we are not holding our breath. Instead we are proud to introduce our new CU Works Compliance solution delivered through the acquisition of COMPASS 4 CUs. The staff from COMPASS is extremely talented and are ready and willing to help our credit unions."

Gaye DeCesare, Former CEO of COMPASS 4 CUs and current VP of Compliance at CUSN remarked, "We're delighted to be part of the CU Service Network family, and that all our client credit unions chose to make the move with us. Their trust means the world to us. Joining CUSN allows us to reach even more credit unions with the high quality, customized compliance services that are the hallmark of our success."

Would you like to learn more about our new compliance product? Check out to see what services we offer and learn about the compliance team in Virginia. 

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