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Your Credit Union Culture: Survey Results

August 23, 2018

credit union culture survey

Back in July, we asked our loyal blog readers to take our survey on their credit union's culture. We were curious to know where credit unions stood on various company-culture issues, like tattoos and piercings. The results are in, and I've compiled them into this handy infographic.

Two areas I was surprised about:
1. How accepting credit unions are of tattoos. Over half of those surveyed gave a flat out thumbs up to tattoos being exposed in the workplace, with no strings attached. And another fifth had no issues with smaller and tasteful tattoos. Just a few years ago, even small tattoos were a big no-no in financial services. But recent stats show that almost half of Americans have a tattoo, so companies are having to adopt a more lenient stance.

2. Alcohol is only served at company events by half of credit unions. I am curious to know why. Is it for legal reasons, personal stance, or something else?

Take a look below and feel free to leave your comments!

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