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Survey: What Do You Need to Better Help Your Members?

August 24, 2018

credit union survey

We all know that the credit union movement was founded on the philosophy of People Helping People. Over 100 years have passed since the first credit union opened in the United States, and millions of Americans – many who traditionally were underserved – have benefitted from this philosophy.

Behind the ideology of people helping people lie many challenges for the credit unions themselves. They too, must stay profitable, efficient, and provide the best services for their membership. They too, are pressured by economic, technological, and financial pressures.

Maybe you saw our ad in the September edition of Credit Union magazine. And if not (or if you need a refresher).... We are asking the credit union industry to take a short survey on what they need to better help their members. More technology? More hours in the day? A unicorn?

Tell us and be entered into a drawing to win $250! We will be sharing the results of this national survey in the coming month, and participants will be kept anonymous. To participate, simply take the survey below:

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