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What We Are Thankful For This Year

November 21, 2018

thankful 2018

It has become a tradition for us to get together and write about what we are thankful for here at CU Service Network. 2018 brought many new changes to our company. While 2017 seemed fast-paced, 2018 seemed to fly at an even higher warp speed. It was an eventful and academic year, filled with progressive ideas, deep research, focus groups, and brainstorming.

We've gathered up photos and stories to share with our credit unions and our devoted readership. We hope you enjoy putting a face to a name to many of the individuals you talk to at CU Service Network. And as always, thank you, our readers, for your ongoing support and dedication to pushing the credit union movement ever foward.

Doug Burke, President/CEO

I’m thankful for my son graduating from college this last summer and now starting his first full time job near Salt Lake City.

Jenny Thomas, Business Support Specialist

There are many things that I am thankful for; a good job, a roof over my head, food in my belly, my family, my friends, my health, as well as my family and friends’ health. But this year, we had a terrible scare shortly after I started working at CU Service Network that was completely unexpected. We almost lost my Mom. I have always had an incredibly close relationship with my Mom, so this was very difficult for me, as well as the rest of my family. But somehow by the grace of God, she pulled through, and while she is still recovering, she is doing so much better and she was given a second chance. I am forever grateful for that and so thankful that she is still here with us.

I am also so thankful for this company. I was sure I was going to lose my new job when I had to miss work to be at the hospital with my family with the fate of my Mom unknown. However, everyone was so sweet and understanding and allowed me to be with my family during that extremely difficult time. And I am genuinely so thankful for that. I don’t know that I would have received that elsewhere.

I am also thankful for another blessing that my family was given this year. After the chaos with my Mom died down, we found out that we are expecting a baby girl. It was a bit of a surprise, but we are so excited and I am happy that my Mom and the rest of my family are here to enjoy this little bundle of joy that will be here in the spring.

Branda Gilmore, CFO

I am so thankful to have a wonderful family; my husband, daughter and family and step daughter.

I am super thankful for my new grandson Maverick.

I am also very thankful for my health.

Kristen Tatlock, Compliance Manager

My husband and I will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary on November 21, 2018, the day before Thanksgiving.  So, this year, I am especially thankful for my husband, Tom Christian,  and the family we’ve made, the friends we have, and the wonderful life we share.

Alicia Disantis, Marketing Manager

2018 may have been my best year yet (aside from 1996, which I still consider to be the apex of my life, which was spent drawing comics, eating cheese-filled soft pretzels, and watching Family Matters). Many people told me that the 30’s are the best years, and so far this decade has not let me down.

I am beyond thankful that I was able to purchase a house in this crazy Denver market. Yes, it was listed as “cozy” and a “starter home”, so you know what that means! Regardless, I never thought I could feel so much pride when I walk in the front door of MY home.

Secondly, I am thankful that after many long nights, my husband graduated with his Master’s in Engineering from Colorado School of Mines and landed an awesome job.

Thirdly, I am thankful for all the incredible traveling I was able to do in 2018, thanks to flexible PTO benefits and the help of my wonderful coworkers. I visited six new countries this year! Mexico, France, Czechia, Hungary (pictured - in Budapest), Romania and Bulgaria.

Daniel Burk, SVP Business & Product Development

First, I am thankful for my family, especially my folks.  They have always been there for us and are that glue to keep us together (picture – Dad’s 90th birthday).  I’m thankful for my career, job and my co-workers.  They are why I am excited to go to work every day.  And I’m thankful for the chance to help make someone’s life a little better.  Happy Thanksgiving - Dan

Gaye DeCesare, VP of Compliance

It sounds trite, but I am thankful for family. For my son, Joe, battling cancer with a smile since 2005; for daughter Cara, who walked through fire with her brother and now has a family of her own; for husband Deron, who holds everything together; and for the extended families who made us who we are.  Love beyond measure.

Jennifer Davis, Financial Analyist

I’m thankful for happy and healthy friends and family.

Trisha Wiggin-Fausnaugh, Operations Manager

I have a long list of things to be thankful for this year. But things aren’t that important, are they? It’s the people in my life that make it so rich. So many of the clients and co-workers I talk to or email with bring a little pleasure into each workday. I have funny, supportive and talented friends who make me laugh and encourage me when I need it. I have a wonderful family – brothers, sons and daughters-in-law – who amaze me with their kindness and their generosity. And I have an amazing husband, Jim, who is also my best friend. He continues to astonish me with his ever-growing talents and his never-ending love. I have my health. I have all the “things” I need. And I have people to love who love me back. I am the luckiest woman in the world.

McKayla Wynn, Accountant II

I am thankful for our precious baby girl! She has already been such a blessing to us and has brought us so much joy. We know it will only increase when she arrives!




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