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Whitepaper Available: Compliance Concerns and Painpoints

April 24, 2018

Have you seen our recent whitepaper on compliance for credit unions? The paper focuses on the current compliance assistance landscape and what credit unions want from their provider.

Topics discussed include:

1. Clarity – credit unions are often left confused in the answers they receive from their vendors. They have expressed a strong desire for a detailed citations, phrases, and sources to back up answers.

2. Intimacy – credit unions feel that their compliance resources keep them at arm’s length. There is a lack of deep understanding about individual credit union needs, and this translates to a passive and lofty relationship.

3. Flexibility – Compliance services contracts have notoriously rigid terms. Commonly, credit unions are not able to cherry pick what fits their needs, or enjoy “on-call” style compliance services.

Its’ a must read for anyone involved in credit union compliance. Feel free to download the paper by clicking here.

Would you like to be featured in one of our whitepapers? Have an idea for a story that credit unions could learn from? Reach out to Alicia at




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