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Read on to see what clients have to say about our back office services, like compliance and accounting, our shared branching support, and custom projects.

"We began our relationship with CUSN several years ago. I must say they have far exceeded my expectations with respect to their skill level, customer service and value added programs & services.

The folks at CUSN are knowledgeable and very pleasant to work with and I would highly recommend them. We look forward to continuing our long term relationship with CUSN."
John Hendery, Consultant
NJ Credit Union League, NJ


"Over the past five years, we’ve taken our compliance function to new levels of excellence by supplementing our internal efforts with the expertise you brought to us. Since everything in the compliance world isn’t black and white, we’ve found that discussing issues with their 'brain trust' of experts has been especially beneficial in guiding us through the gray areas of compliance."
Dan McGowan, President/CEO
Pioneer West Virginia Federal Credit Union, WV
Pioneer WV FCU

"At SunWest, we value our partnership with CUSN.  Shared branching has been a great member retention tool.  When students head off to college, it’s easy for them to maintain their account with so many shared branch locations. The CUSN staff is very responsive and professional.  Each employee has interacted with our staff as a true credit union partner, not just a vendor.
Leslie Shepard, Vice President
SunWest Credit Union, CO

"During the transition of personnel in our accounting team, [CU Service Network] provided lifeline support and expertise to help the credit union continue to meet our daily requirements, in addition to training new personnel. Having someone with Symitar experience, coupled with vast accounting background proved invaluable to us as an organization. Furthermore, having your people assist us with documenting processes and procedures enabled us to build a foundation for future success. I can’t say enough about the invaluable assistance, as well as furthering our partnership and commitment to Colorado credit unions. We look forward to more opportunities to partner with CUSN in the future!"
Randall Mims, CEO
CU of the Rockies, CO

CU of the Rockies Logo

"As a processor, partner and company, CUSN has always provided excellent service and reliability.  Now, as they add more "arrows to their quiver", such as accounting services and other products, they remain very service-oriented and reliable."
Dan Kester, CEO
Sooper Credit Union, CO
Sooper Credit Union

"We knew that shared branching would be an important service to provide our members.  The reason is, that as an associational chartered credit union serving the florist industry nationwide, our members would benefit from having over 5300 contact points to access their accounts.  As a very small credit union with a staff of three, I thought that the process of implementing the program might be difficult at best.  We had just completed a conversion and we were all pretty exhausted.  But, from day one, the support and training from both sides, [CU Service Network] and our core processor, the process of implementing shared branching was smooth and mostly comfortable.  Since the majority of our members are distant, and we are on both sides of the service, and we did see a significant increase in lobby traffic, but nothing we couldn’t handle.   I like to believe that our “non-members” tend to like us a lot, and that’s why they keep coming back.  Bottom line is that we really like shared branching through CUSN, and their help and support is second to none. Just the way it should be!"
Kenn Bell, CEO
The Florist FCU, NM

"I wonder how we managed before you guys! You have done more for us in the last month than I think the other people did in 2 years! I really appreciate all the help and guidance you provide."
Kirsten Williams, President/CEO
Engraving and Printing FCU , DC

"Western Heritage Credit Union selected [CU Service Network]’s Accounting Service after contacting a number of Credit Union service providers.  CUSN has the experience and capability to serve credit unions with complex accounting needs.  I am particularly impressed with their response during pressure packed situations and willingness to not only provide key services but to also share their expertise and advice so that we can staff our credit union in the optimal way that will best meet our unique needs.  I have found CUSN to be a valuable partner who enhances our ability to serve our members."
Kurt Schmidt, Former CEO
Western Heritage CU, NE

Western Heritage CU logo

"Every time I have needed assistance with marketing pieces [CU Service Network] has been right there with assistance.  They are easy to work with."
Robert Allen Hill, Former CEO
Cedar Falls Community CU, IA

Cedar Falls Community CU logo

The Maine Credit Union League has had the pleasure of working with Kristen Tatlock and Gaye DeCesare for several years now. We have hired them for regulatory compliance webinars and conference presentations and our credit unions consistently give them very high marks. In fact, each year I get requests to invite Kristen back to do our annual BSA Conference. They are well prepared, knowledgeable, easy to work with, and very nice people. I highly recommend them!
Linda Scott, Director of Conferences and Events
Maine Credit Union League
maine credit union league logo


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