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Looking for in-depth research documents? We are currently expanding our library to include detailed studies on credit union issues and products. Take a look below to see what we currently have published.

small cus whitepaper9 Industry Trends that Make Accounting Difficult for Small Credit Unions

Product: Accounting Services

In This Whitepaper:
The current challenges of low unemployment and high cost-of-living
2. Limited budget for hiring and salaries for qualified staff
3. The pitfalls of wearing too many hats and informal training
4. How outsourcing can alleviate pain points

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compliance case studyBefore You Hire Another Compliance Officer, Consider Outsourcing First

Product: Compliance Services

Client: Christian Community CU, $654M, San Dimas, CA

How We Helped:
1. Reduced staffing costs by 78%
2. Allowed credit union to reallocate the costs saved on salary and benefits to improve other areas of their organization
3. Provided a wider spectrum of knowledge and interpretation than one single specialist could

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compliance case study10 Things You Can Do Today to Get Your Credit Union Compliant

Product: Compliance Services

In This Whitepaper:
1. Become a student of compliance
2. Create a budget
3. Know the major rules of advertising
and much more...

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compliance case studyNo Such Thing As Too Efficient

Product: Accounting Services

Client: Fitzsimons CU, $182M, Aurora, CO

How We Helped:
1. Daily Processing Time Reduced by 11 hours a month
2. Reduced ACH Origination Time by 82%
3. Reduced Adjustment Losses

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compliance case studyA Faster Horse: A Study on What Credit Unions Want from Their Compliance Provider

Product: Compliance Services

Clients: Interior FCU, $203M, Washington, DC
Evergreen CU, $289M, Portland, ME

How We Helped:
1. Flexible and clear service options - no one size fits all 
2. High level of  intimacy and knowledge of the workings of the specific client
3. Actually clarify answers, cite specific wording and work with clients to write procedures

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compliance case studyA Tale of Two Accountings

Product: Accounting Services

Clients: Sooper CU, $383M, Arvada, CO

How We Helped:
1. Assisted with workload and mapping during core conversion
2. Took on routine daily processing tasks to free up staff for higher-level duties
3. Improved DR and turnover planning

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compliance case study10 Strategies to Improve Your Credit Union Accounting Department's Operations

Product: Accounting Services

In this Whitepaper:
1. Think "More is Less"
2. Tidy up and streamline your department
3. Make Precautions whenever possible

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