credit unions do more with less

Every credit union wants to do more with less.

As not-for-profit institutions, credit unions are constantly struggling to increase operational efficiencies.

Of course credit unions want to meet their profitability goals and uphold the concept of “people helping people.” But recent studies have shown that credit union executives also want to treat their employees like family and foster them to become the next era of credit union leaders.

How can these two seemingly opposite goals be achieved, when staffing continues to be a significant operational expense to credit unions?

We understand the forces pulling credit unions in opposite directions. We can help you to employ the benefits of economies of scale and skilled assistance, to work with your staff…not replace them. Our back office services like accounting and compliance are designed to allow your staff to focus on more important tasks while we do the routine stuff.

How do we help you improve efficiency?

Compliance Services

1. Expert compliance assistance at a fraction of the cost of a compliance specialist.

2. Allows your staff to have a team who advises, provides training, monitors compliance changes/news, reviews marketing collateral and assists with writing procedures.

3. Takes the burden off your staff to continually keep on top of ever-changing compliance area.

Accounting Services 

1. Depth and Breadth of accounting knowledge increases efficiencies.

2. Reduces losses and errors due to fragile processes and inexperience.

3. Allows staff to focus on other tasks, eliminates key person risk and assists with disaster recovery.


We've helped nearly 100 credit unions since launching our back office services in 2014. 
What do they have to say?

"I wonder how we managed before you guys! You have done more for us in the last month than I think the other people did in 2 years! I really appreciate all the help and guidance you provide."
Kirsten Williams,
EP FCU, Washington, DC   

$64 Million

"We have found the Accounting Services group at CU Service Network to be efficient, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. They have communicated with Red Rocks staff through regular phone calls, emails, progress reports, and occasional meetings. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with CU Service Network and their Accounting Services group."
  - Russ Dalke, (Former) CFO
 Red Rocks Credit Union, Denver, CO
    $243 Million

"Over the past five years, we’ve taken our compliance function to new levels of excellence by supplementing our internal efforts with the expertise you brought to us. Since everything in the compliance world isn’t black and white, we’ve found that discussing issues with their 'brain trust' of experts has been especially beneficial in guiding us through the gray areas of compliance."
Dan McGowan, CEO
Pioneer West Virginia FCU, Charleston, WV
$197 Million

"During the transition of personnel in our accounting team, CU Service Network provided lifeline support and expertise to help the credit union continue to meet our daily requirements, in addition to training new personnel. Having someone with Symitar experience, coupled with vast accounting background proved invaluable to us as an organization. Furthermore, having your people assist us with documenting processes and procedures enabled us to build a foundation for future success."
-Randall J. Mims, CEO
Credit Union of the Rockies, Golden, CO
  $94 Million


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Our Clients Include back office clients

 Read Our Case Studies

compliance case study

No Such Thing As Too Efficient

Product: Accounting Services

Client: Fitzsimons CU, $182M, Aurora, CO

How We Helped:
1. Daily Processing Time Reduced by 11 hours a month

2. Reduced ACH Origination Time by 82%
3. Reduced Adjustment Losses

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compliance case study
A Faster Horse: A Study on What Credit Unions Want from Their Compliance Provider

Product: Compliance Services

Clients: Interior FCU, $203M, Washington, DC
Evergreen CU, $289M, Portland, ME

How We Helped:
1. Flexible and clear service options - no one size fits all 

2. High level of  intimacy and knowledge of the workings of the specific client
3. Actually clarify answers, cite specific wording and work with clients to write procedures

Read The Full Study


compliance case study
A Tale of Two Accountings

Product: Accounting Services

Clients: Sooper CU, $383M, Arvada, CO

How We Helped:
1. Assisted with workload and mapping during core conversion

2. Took on routine daily processing tasks to free up staff for higher-level duties
3. Improved DR and turnover planning

Read The Case Study


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