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What kind of business is CU Service Network?

CU Service Network is a CUSO (Credit Union Service Organization) owned and controlled by credit unions for the benefit of credit unions. Originally developed to facilitate shared branching access, CU Service Network has expanded its offerings to include other products and services that benefit credit unions of all sizes.

Where is CU Service Network located?

Our main office is in Lakewood, Colorado, just 10 miles west of downtown Denver; about a 45 minute drive from Denver International Airport.

Is CU Service Network a credit union?

No, we are not a credit union. We don’t have tellers, loan officers or financial advisers, but we do provide services to help credit unions help their members.

Does CU Service Network work with banks?

We are owned by and work with credit unions exclusively. We believe in the ideals of member owned financial institutions and are committed to providing services to assist in our clients’ success.

I have a shared branching question. Who should I contact?

If you are member, you should always call your own credit union first. Your credit union can provide you with detailed information about shared branching, including which of your accounts are accessible through shared branching. They can also assist you if you have a question about a transaction to your account that you initiated through shared branching. CU Service Network does not have access to member accounts.

If you are an employee of a credit union which already participates in shared branching and have a question about rules, marketing, or even a specific transaction, contact us. If we don’t have the answer, we’ll get it!

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