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HR Solutions for Credit Unions

Reduce your HR Costs By Up To 30% With Customizable Services

CU Service Network has teamed up with OnePoint HRO, an organization that helps companies outsource and automate all aspects of their HR operations, to offer you a solution designed specifically for credit unions. It’s called CU Works HR.

CU Works HR offers a refreshing approach to meeting the specific needs of your credit union. Unlike other HROs and PEOs, you are able to choose what you need - instead of being handed a "take it or leave it" mandatory list of services.

From Payroll to Benefits and everything in between, our services encompass these three components:

  • Flexibility – In an industry which typically offers bundled services, we've changed the platform and made our services menu driven; we can truly customize the services and service offerings to meet our credit union’s needs
  • Cost – We are an efficient company with minimal overhead with cost structures that eliminate meaningless fees, which allows us to pass along the savings to you
  • Customer Service – You will receive one point of contact. We feel that in order for ultimate customer service to be achieved, a relationship must form, not an 800 number

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