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HR Solutions for Credit Unions

Slice your HR Costs By Up To 30% With Customizable Services

CU Service Network has teamed up with OnePoint HRO, an organization that helps companies outsource and automate all aspects of their HR operations, to offer you a solution designed specifically for credit unions. It’s called CU Works HR.

CU Works HR offers a refreshing approach to meeting the specific needs of your credit union. Unlike other HROs and PEOs, you are able to choose what you need - instead of being handed a "take it or leave it" mandatory list of services.

We Promise These 3 Things



In an industry which typically offers bundled services, we've changed the platform and made our services menu driven; we can truly customize the services and service offerings to meet our credit union’s needs.



We are an efficient company with minimal overhead with cost structures that eliminate meaningless fees, which allows us to pass along the savings to you.


Customer Service

You will receive one point of contact. We feel that in order for customer service to be achieved, a relationship must form, not an 800 number.

You will be directed outside the website.
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