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CU Works HR offers a variety of additional services to meet your needs. We know that every credit union is different because, well, we are owned by credit unions ourselves!

Add Additional Services to Customize Your HR Solution

Most HR outsource providers offer a limited number of service options – many of which you are required to pay for whether or not you use them. CU Works HR's service options are broad and flexible – from comprehensive to single service options like payroll processing. Our clients can select a multitude of a la carte HR service options.

Personnel Policy and Handbook Development

  • 401(k) and profit sharing options
  • Flexible spending and cafeteria plans
  • Online, phone, fax or call-in payroll submission
  • Risk management, OSHA compliance safety and loss control
  • Unemployment claim management
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Background checks
  • Employment drug testing
  • Pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation options
  • Employer practices risk coverage
  • Time and attendance with integration
  • Benefits administration and enrollment
  • On-site check printing
  • Paycheck debit cards
  • Garnishment processing
  • Labor department allocations
  • Certified payrolls
  • Employee banking and credit union memberships

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