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Outsourced Accounting For Credit Unions 

Accounting Services for the Efficiency-Minded

Credit unions come to us because they want to make their accounting operation more efficient. They need deep credit union accounting experience immediately. They are looking for a way to fix their accounting for good.

We have helped credit unions of all shapes and sizes improve their accounting funtion, and are proud to say that we are the first organizations to offer fully outsourced credit union accounting services in the country.  Over the past five years, we have helped dozens of credit unions clients, from $5M to $800M, from Washington to Maine.

 We've seen it all, and we can help your credit union...whatever your needs. From special projects like conversions, to full outsourcing, we pride ourselves in customization. We are sure to find a way to support your credit union's unique accounting needs.

Assist, Not Replace

It is critical for us to note that we never look to replace your accounting team, but simply assist the department. We work with your team  to make it more efficient, whether it's assisting your current staff with functions, stepping in during a crisis, and even acting as an interim CFO. 

How Can Our Outsourced Accounting Services Help Your Credit Union? 

1. Depth and Breadth of accounting knowledge increases efficiencies.
2. Eliminates key person risk, provides department back-up, and assists with disaster recovery.
3. Reduces losses and errors due to fragile processes and inexperience.
4. Improves internal controls and separation of duties.

Questions to Consider:

Is your accounting team overwhelmed with a project?
Are you anticipating a loss of a key staff member?
Do you need outside regulatory expertise?
Could your accounting team focus on more critical credit union tasks?

Outsourced Accounting Resources & Studies

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