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Payroll Management

Let's start with the basics - Payroll. It sounds simple, but can be a major pain (and costly!) if you partner with the wrong company.

What Makes Our Payroll Services Different?

Secure and Web-Based

Every business needs payroll processing that is timely and accurate. With CU Works HR, you will be able to streamline and automate your payroll processing and tax filings. Our payroll services are far more affordable than those of the large, national providers and each CU Works HR client is assigned a service representative for direct, one-on-one contact.

Web-Based Payroll Data Access and Flexible Reporting

CU Works HR provides extensive reporting and customized services. Just show us what you need and we will make it happen. Payroll processing with us also means access to payroll integration with time and attendance and general ledger.

Employee-Friendly Payroll Processing

Your employees can benefit from CU Works HR’s online payroll services. Employees can access their personal pay history, direct deposit summary, W-2 and W-4, benefits data and paid time off data.

Payroll Services with Fair and Reasonable Pricing

Unlike many payroll processing vendors that nickel and dime you with transaction fees, etc. our payroll services are inclusive of direct deposit, tax filings, check stuffing, time and attendance interface and customized reporting.

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