tips for new accounting officers

Thank you for your interest in our whitepaper for new compliance officers!

So, you're a credit union compliance officer. Congratulations! Whether you applied for the position or were "voluntold," it's a great accomplishment. It’s also a big responsibility. You’re excited, and maybe a little bit terrified.

Every seasoned Compliance Officer was new once, and we wanted to take the opportunity to create an easy-to-read resource that would help all those new to the compliance world (and those who would like a refresher, too).

As an outsourced compliance partner to credit unions, we interact with dozens, if not hundreds of compliance officers. We’ve been compliance officers ourselves, and we know the tips and tricks to make your transition into the compliance realm as smooth as possible. 

Topics include:
1. Building a network
 2. Documentation
3. Audits & Exams
...and more

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