Why CU Service Network?

People helping people. Its the philosophy the credit union movement was founded on.

Over 100 years has passed since the first credit union opened in the United States, and millions of Americans – many who traditionally were underserved – have benefitted from this philosophy.

Behind the ideology of people helping people lie many challenges for the credit unions themselves. They too, must stay profitable, efficient, and provide the best services for their membership. They too, are pressured by economic, technological, and financial pressures.

It takes broad shoulders to support so many members. Who do credit unions turn to when they, the helper, need help themselves? Us. 

For nearly 30 years, we have helped credit unions help their members. We are the people who help the people who help the people, as we like to call it. Our client base includes nearly 200 credit unions and 4 million members.

Our Values

  • You know the credit union mantra: People helping people? We like to think of ourselves as "the people who help the people who help the people."
  • We pride ourselves on our dedication to keeping the credit union movement strong into the future.
  • We have credit unions that call us first, because they just "don't know who else to call," when there is a problem.

Our Reputation

  • We've been around since 1992 and were one of the original pioneers of credit union cooperation and Shared Branching.
  • We do what's right. We don't cut corners.
  • We believe in the cause - that credit unions can make a difference in members' lives.
  • Check out our testimonials to hear it straight from our clients

Our Educational Services

Our Staff

  • Our 21 employees bring over 200 years of financial industry experience to the table.
  • Much of our Executive Management team has been working in the credit union industry for their entire career, and have seen it transform to what it is today.
  • We are a CUSO, owned by 50 of our participating credit unions.



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